“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to both capture Ingrid Graham in my lens and see her dance. She is an exquisite creature. Ingrid combines timeless beauty and grace with athletic power and sweltering sensuality. A real force of nature, not to be missed.”

George Holz, Celebrity Photographer

“Ingrid Graham’s solo reflected an honorable woman with beauty and light, danced with such technical strength. In a world where special qualities are not found she exemplifies integrity and respect. I hold her in high esteem.”

Shelly Masenoir-Hutchinson, Choreographer SYTYCD Ukraine

I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today without Ingrid. I’ve been so lucky to have her as my dance teacher at AMDA. I have improved so much from training with her in just a short amount of time and her dedication and commitment to her students is amazing. Ingrid has a gift of challenging me and pushing me to new limits, while teaching in a warm and caring way. She is such an inspiration and I look at her as a huge role model. Ingrid has been an incredible presence in my life.

Olivia Lucci

“Dancer and choreographer Ingrid Graham brought an extraordinary piece of work to the stage. Graham is a mesmerizing dancer, and her themes of femininity are at once touchingly personal and upliftingly universal.”

Caroline Whitman, Writer Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Ingrid Graham is a seamless dancer who moves with absolute grace and ease on stage. It was a pleasure to have her perform with the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. She also possesses a beautiful spirit that glows outwardly. She is an amazingly gifted artist and a joy to behold.”

Adilah Barnes, Co-Founder / Executive Producer Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

“Ingrid Graham’s Artemis is an eye-popping evocation of the Greek goddess of wilderness. The exhilarating movements of this beauty are sheer poetry in motion, and her slithering across the floor seems to defy gravity.”

Ed Rampell, Writer Hollywood Progressive

“There is plenty of physical prowess on show and some strong musicality and control, particularly from solo artist Ingrid Graham, blending lyricism and sensuality.”

Danielle Farrow, Writer Edinburgh Spotlight